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NAC’s site cookie policy

In this policy, we use the term “cookie” to refer to cookies and other similar technologies specified in the EU Directive on privacy in the area of ​​electronic communications.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data that contains a unique identifier that is sent by the web portal server to your computer’s browser and stored on your computer’s hard disk. Each web portal or third-party service provider used by the web portal may send its own cookies to your browser if your browser allows you to do so; however, in order to protect personal data, the web browser allows the web portal or third-party service provider to access only those cookies that were sent earlier. Cookies contain anonymous information – a unique identifier, web portal name, and some digital and statistical data. This allows the web portal to remember your preferences or store information about items added to the basket, and so on. Cookies may be session-based, stored at the time of your session using one or another service, or immediately removed as soon as you close the browser. Cookies can also be permanent and stored in the browser’s memory for a long time.

For more information on cookies, see at https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/27448?hl=en.


What is a browser?

Browser is an application that allows you to browse web portals on the Internet. Among the most popular browsers are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Safari. Most browsers are secure and allow you to easily and quickly remove information such as a cookie.

You can choose how cookies will be used by your device by changing your browser settings. The most popular browsers allow cookies to be processed as follows:

a) accept all cookies;

b) notify the use of cookies;

c) do not accept cookies (if you decide not to accept cookies, the web portal may stop working properly and delivering the service in full).

Each browser has its own features, so we recommend that you contact the program help to learn more about setting up and using cookies.


What do you need cookies for?

We use cookies to find out how you interact with the content of our web portal, and also to improve the convenience of your visit to our web portal. Cookies allow us to provide specific content on your web site, such as video files.


Session cookies

Session cookies are temporary cookies that are used to keep you in mind when you visit the web portal and that disappear after the browser closes.

Types of cookies that can be used during a session with our web portal

Cookies for personalization. These cookies are used to find out which users are returning to the site for the first time and to use the information they entered earlier (just because you are browsing the web pages of previously viewed pages, you do not need to re-enter the specified information ) These files are used to recommend content that we think you might like.

Cookies for site management. These cookies are used to store the identity or session on the web portal. For example, when our site works on more than one server, we use cookies to make sure you send information from one particular server (otherwise you may unexpectedly log in or log out of the system).

Third-party cookie and analytics services cookies. Social network buttons, video clips and other services of our site are the property of other companies. These companies can also use cookies on your computer when you use them on our web portal or have previously been registered with them.

Below is a list of webpages where you can learn more about the services we use and their cookie policies:

Facebook Privacy Policy: http://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/your-info-on-other

YouTube video player cookie policies: http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/faq/#toc-cookies (Google’s standard rules).

user (where did you find out about the web portal – direct link, organic search, etc.).

GA tools use cookies to store information about you.


Cookies and Personal Information

Actually cookies can not tell us your email address or other personal information until you yourself specify it, for example, by registering on the site. Once you give your consent to the provision of your personal data, this information will immediately be added to the cookie data.

Cookies are something like a Identification Card. They are unique to your computer and can only be read by the server they were provided to.

Use of collected information

E-mail address is the only way to contact you. We use your email address for:

notification of the news and shares of the NAC Company;

Answers to questions sent to the e-mail address office@nak.ua.

Data from the GA service allow us to analyze the audience of the web portal nak.ua


As a general rule, we use cookies to:

Provide an adequate level of security, as well as check and remember your personal information, so you do not need to enter them each time as soon as you go to a new page;

remember which content is most important to you, which allows you to modify web pages by adding information that may interest you;

collect and store anonymous information that will allow us to better understand how visitors use our web portal and how we can improve its structure.

Our web portal uses both sessional and permanent cookies.

We will tell you how you can control each type of cookie.


The GA service provides us with anonymous information about statistics. The service operates with the IP addresses and cookie information used on our web portal, so we find out how many people visit our site, how many of them browse the specific pages, which browsers they use (which allows us to improve the compatibility of our services for more people), as well as, in some cases, which users live in which countries, cities and regions. Sometimes IP addresses are processed outside the European Economic Area and, in this case, we guarantee that their processing is in accordance with the requirements of the Law on the Protection of Information.


Information protection

We do not sell, lease or distribute third-party information about our users. Personal information may only be provided to law enforcement or public authorities when required by law.

The cookie policy applies to all services provided on the website’s website.

We reserve the right to make changes to our cookie policy from time to time without prior notice. With this in mind, we ask you to periodically check this policy to keep up to date with updates and updates.


If you have questions about cookie policy, you can write to office@nak.ua