Turning and milling work

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Dear partners!
We would like to offer you cooperation with INDUSTRIAL-TRADING COMPANY NAK LTD in the field of metal turning and milling.

Installed equipment and qualified personnel allow us to carry out a significant volume of work on the production and repair of hydraulic systems, work on high-precision metal processing.

turning works

At your service:

  • The design and technical bureau – in accordance with the needs of the customer, develops the design and construction documentation for the equipment;
  • Cutting of rolled metal;
  • Mechanical processing of metal on specialized and highly accurate machines;
  • Assembly works;
  • Welding work;
  • Dyeing;
  • Product marking
Engineering development of metal products

The park of metal-cutting equipment includes about 40 machines and processing centers, including those manufactured by companies in Germany, Japan, Switzerland, etc.

Technologies are implemented that ensure the processing of parts weighing from a few grams to 8 tons.

INDUSTRIAL-TRADING COMPANY NAK LTD does not experience any problems when machining complex body and basic parts.

The capabilities of TPK “NAK” and its engineering and technical potential make it possible to manufacture almost any machine-building products that meet the requirements of international standards and the wishes of the most demanding customers.


The equipment includes the following groups of equipment:

Milling group – universal – milling machines and milling machines with CNC, milling processing centers with CNC.

Lathe group – universal lathes and CNC lathes, CNC lathes.

Vertical drilling machines and vertical drilling machines with CNC.

In addition, there is equipment for cutting rolled metal – strip-cutting machines and strip-cutting machines with CNC.

Welding equipment – semi-automatic welding machines, automated welding body for cylindrical parts, which was developed by specialists of our company.

Painting equipment – ​​specially designed and equipped painting chambers.

Marking equipment – special marking machines.

Locksmith equipment – sharpening machines, pipe bender.

Assembly equipment – test stands, press.

Turning processing of large metal products

Metalworking equipment on which our company’s specialists can perform the following operations upon your order:

Turning works (maximum diameter of processing 750 mm, maximum length of part 5000 mm, maximum guaranteed degree of accuracy of processing – 6, quality of processing – 7, positioning accuracy 0.02 … 0.06 mm);

Milling works (maximum dimensions of the part LxWxH 1200*800*500 mm, the maximum guaranteed degree of processing accuracy – 8, processing quality – 8, positioning accuracy 0.04 … 0.08 mm).

Фарбування металевих виробів

These works are performed by a staff of up to 100 workers, namely: design engineers, technological engineers, turners, milling machines, tool fitters, assemblers, welders.

Production of hydraulic blocks

TPK “NAK” LLC is counting on fruitful cooperation with your company. We guarantee high quality and compliance with the desired terms of our services. We are waiting for specific orders. is counting on fruitful cooperation with your company. We guarantee high quality and compliance with the desired terms of our services. We are waiting for specific orders.

To receive a commercial offer for turning and milling works, please send a request to office@nak.ua