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Lubricating device of the PMP series with a built-in GSM module

The PMP series lubricator with a built-in GSM module is a universal automated system for centralized lubrication of units in equipment, as well as in cargo and special vehicles (buses, trolleybuses, trailers, agricultural and construction machinery) with the possibility of informing via SMS about the main technical parameters of the unit (lubrication level, operating hours, [...]

New FBD series air filters from Filtrec

FBD desiccant breathers are an alternative to standard breathers and dust caps. They are the perfect way to protect your equipment from dirt, dust, and moisture. Our breathers combine the filtration of solid particles and the absorption of humidity in a single unit, providing complete protection for your equipment. The layered filter media prevents solid [...]

A wide range of pipes and rods for hydraulic cylinders

We offer a wide range of pipes and rods, as well as all necessary components for the manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders. A cutting service is also available. Apply for a consultation in a convenient way for you!

Filter series FHLC by Filtrec

The FHLC series helps prevent sudden, critical failure in hydraulic systems by protecting components. Designed to support the primary filtration system, the FHLC series filters are installed upstream before critical components such as valves and nozzles. Compared to the FLC series, the maximum capacity is 420 bar and the body is made of carbon steel. [...]

A wide range of high-pressure hoses from proven manufacturers

Our company offers proven components for creating high-quality high-pressure hoses from such leading manufacturers as Semperit, Stomil, Parker Hannifin and Hydroflex. The availability is always maintained in a sufficient number of sleeves according to the standards DIN EN 853 1SN, DIN EN 853 2SN, DIN EN 856 4SP, DIN EN 856 4SH, 3SN. For selection [...]

Modernization of hydraulic equipment

Modernization of existing hydraulic equipment with production of a new oil station for our client. You can always leave a request for professional engineering advice.

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A new line of liquid level indicators from Filtrec

FLS SERIES Oil sight gauges FLS is a range of compact oil sight gauges for monitoring the fluid level in the tank. They are directly fitted on the tank side. Several configurations can be selected to meet every condition: sizes, body, and lens materials. Download catalog FLS SeriesДокумент Adobe PDF FLA SERIES Electromagnetic level switch [...]

The F3and F4 series of hydraulic pumps from Parker Hannifin

The new switchable F4 series is a global innovation in mobile hydraulics. By turning the pump on and off from a diesel engine, even while driving, you can save significant amounts of fuel. But you also reduce wear and tear, minimize the risk of expensive downtime and downtime, and reduce noise levels. All you need [...]

Hydraulic blocks

Features: Pressure - 250bar. Throughput capacity - 60 l/min. Manufacturer: NAK The photo shows an example of a hydraulic block in which a fundamentally new, compact control system for a manipulator robot has been developed. The system provides an opportunity for use in new and modernization of existing production units To receive advice on the [...]