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Equipment and components for CNC machines

Electro mechanical turrets Servomotor turrets Direct motor turrets Vertical turrets B axis units Turn-mill turrets with Y-Axis Custom applications Accessories

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Parker Hannifin. Innovations in agriculture

Constantly advancing technologies are making it possible to overcome the challenges that can arise in the production of more environmentally friendly agricultural machinery. Watch on-demand webinars to learn how new technologies can make it easier to develop smarter, more efficient and innovative solutions to feed the world.

Buschjost technological valves

The Buschjost brand has been successfully operating on the market for over 80 years and is a leader in technological system solutions for liquid and gaseous media. With comprehensive knowledge of relevant industry standards and certifications, Buschjost valves can be found in a variety of applications, including the food, light and chemical industries, metallurgy and [...]

Filtrec. New FRM Series

MAIN FEATURES OF THE NEW FRM SERIES with 3 or 4 tank mounting holes • with supplementary inlet ports • flow rate up to 400 l/min • with quick service cover FIND YOUR BEST CONFIGURATION Available accessories: • Diffuser • Extension tube • Connection tube

Filtrec. What’s new? The RHR Restyling

Filtrec R&D department is well-known for developing innovative solutions. The activity is based on a continuous commitment to exploring and reengineering, in order to create number-one solutions in terms of quality and high-performance. Filtrec has just redesigned the architecture of the RHR SERIES (1300/950/2600) with a completely new structure of the bypass valve, to meet the highest [...]

Filtration unit for customer from metalworking area

Filtration unit for bypass filtration of high viscosity hydraulic fluids. Filtration cleanliness - 5 microns + water removal Productivity - 2 liters per minute Assembled from German and Italian components

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Equipment for self-service car washes

RHR series is now available with new Absolute Beta technology from Filtrec