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Happy Vyshyvanka Day! Glory to Ukraine!

Norgren valve series Excelon® Plus 82

Excelon® Plus 82 valve series from Norgren The new series has been supplemented with a reinforced design and new configuration options, which provides even greater operational flexibility for the most demanding applications. - New design features for increased durability > Metal head and metal pressure control knob for maximum durability. > Metal gauge adapter (standard) [...]

The 4th generation of DFplus distributors from the Parker Hannifin company.

Meet the 4th generation of DFplus distributors from Parker Hannifin. The DFplus IV distributor is a complete functional replacement of the III generation. There are no changes in the hydraulic behavior of the valves, the dimensions and the corresponding technical data, but the difference lies in the advanced communication capabilities of the electronics. Connection to [...]

New FLRD duplex Series Filtrec

The new series of double filters from the company Filtrec was developed for systems where continuous is required filtration. Replacement of elements is possible without interrupting the technological process. These filters can use filter elements such as RHR, R4 and the brand new U5. Linear filters work with an operating pressure of up to 16 [...]

Parker Hannifin high pressure hydrogen supply hose

We are pleased to announce that Parker Hannifin is launching a high pressure hydrogen transfer hose that meets the highest requirements for high pressure hydrogen delivery with a maximum pressure of up to 103.5 MPa. The hose can be used both in factories and in future gas stations for vehicles. In combination with the fittings, [...]

A modern filtration unit from the Filtrec company

A modern filtration unit from the Filtrec company Brief characteristics · Process liquid: industrial water · Productivity: 300 m3/h Connection: DN 250 PN 16 (EN 1092-1) · Carbon steel filter body · 10 filter elements (each), 200 µm stainless steel 316L · Accessories: differential pressure gauge, shut-off valve for flushing, reducer, control panel. If you [...]

Lubricating device of the PMP series with a built-in GSM module

The PMP series lubricator with a built-in GSM module is a universal automated system for centralized lubrication of units in equipment, as well as in cargo and special vehicles (buses, trolleybuses, trailers, agricultural and construction machinery) with the possibility of informing via SMS about the main technical parameters of the unit (lubrication level, operating hours, [...]

New FBD series air filters from Filtrec

FBD desiccant breathers are an alternative to standard breathers and dust caps. They are the perfect way to protect your equipment from dirt, dust, and moisture. Our breathers combine the filtration of solid particles and the absorption of humidity in a single unit, providing complete protection for your equipment. The layered filter media prevents solid [...]

A wide range of pipes and rods for hydraulic cylinders

We offer a wide range of pipes and rods, as well as all necessary components for the manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders. A cutting service is also available. Apply for a consultation in a convenient way for you!

Filter series FHLC by Filtrec

The FHLC series helps prevent sudden, critical failure in hydraulic systems by protecting components. Designed to support the primary filtration system, the FHLC series filters are installed upstream before critical components such as valves and nozzles. Compared to the FLC series, the maximum capacity is 420 bar and the body is made of carbon steel. [...]