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FDD Series Restyling by Filtrec

Duplex construction for uninterrupted service. Change over valve on upstream side, ergonomic switch-over handle with safety lock and pressure compensation. Low and high-pressure filters to guarantee continuous operation for rough or fine filtration. For use in hydraulic and lubrication systems with a wide range of efficient pressure filters that permanently ensure compliance with the purity [...]

Turning and milling work

For consultation, send a request: office@nak.ua Dear partners! We would like to offer you cooperation with INDUSTRIAL-TRADING COMPANY NAK LTD in the field of metal turning and milling. Installed equipment and qualified personnel allow us to carry out a significant volume of work on the production and repair of hydraulic systems, work on high-precision metal [...]

Polyhose hydraulic hoses

Our company is constantly looking for new, high-quality suppliers, so we would like to introduce you to a new manufacturer of hydraulic hoses for us - Polyhose. Testing on a professional bench shows high manufacturing standards and therefore we can safely recommend Polyhose. An available and constantly updated assortment of sleeves in a warehouse in [...]

New series of filters Filtrec FH 420

The FILTREC FH420 is specifically designed to protect very sensible components by using new Filtration Technology media Δbsolute βeta gives the possibility to reduce contamination in every application and condition. PRESSURE: Max operating: up to 420 bar Fatigue rating: 106 cycles 0÷420 bar Burst: 1260 bar CONNECTIONS: G 1/2” ÷ G 1 1/2” MATERIALS: Head: cast iron [...]

Norgren products for the safety of industrial equipment

We help to create safe machines and equipment Manufacturers of machinery and equipment and manufacturing facilities in general must comply with a wide range of laws relating to occupational safety, worker protection and the environment. At Norgren, we are specialists in functional safety and through our product portfolio we help our customers meet the requirements [...]

Parker Hannifin’s T 7 series of hydraulic vane pumps

Parker Hannifin has released an overview video of the T 7 series of variable speed hydraulic vane pumps.   Click the play button to view the video.

Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!

Equipment and components for CNC machines

Electro mechanical turrets Servomotor turrets Direct motor turrets Vertical turrets B axis units Turn-mill turrets with Y-Axis Custom applications Accessories

Congratulations on Vyshyvanka Day!

Parker Hannifin. Innovations in agriculture

Constantly advancing technologies are making it possible to overcome the challenges that can arise in the production of more environmentally friendly agricultural machinery. Watch on-demand webinars to learn how new technologies can make it easier to develop smarter, more efficient and innovative solutions to feed the world.